Introducing Mobpad application

Turn a mobile phone into a gamepad

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Mabpad services
What services does Mobpad offer you ...!?

Features that you will have by installing Mobpad on your Android phone

Motion sensor

Control the game by shaking the phone

Audio processing

Control of the game with voice command

Repeat Motion Click

Perform repeated moves with a single click

High speed

Experience speed over a gamepad

unique design

Different appearance

Access game codes

Use one-click game codes

Mobpad application
Complete application, with great features

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You can make playing in your computer games easier with Mobpad app.

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Control the machine games by moving the phone with the motion sensor.

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With voice command, you can control your game.

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Execute game codes with one click and easily.

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Training to work with
Mobpad application

First you need to install the Android version of the software. After installing on your computer system, also install the Windows version.

Run the Windows version and receive the IP, enter the IP in the Mobpad application.

Now Mobpad is ready to use. enjoy it!

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Features of Mobpad application
Explain the most important features of the software

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First, download and install the Windows version of Mobpad from the Mobpad site or from within the application itself. Run the software. Perform soft You receive the IP software, enter it in the application. Mappad is now in use.

To download the Mobpad application, you can proceed from the Mobpad website or download it from the Bazaar Cafe Market.

نسخه مبپد ظاهری مشابه با یک دسته دارد و شما علاوه بر استفاده به عنوان دسته می نوانید از آن به عنوان موس سیستم خود استفاده نمایید.

Application environment screenshots
Fully graphical and standard environment

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